About us

The company Union Energy Holding- Polska Ltd. was founded in December 2015.

The main activity of the company is the import-export operations within the European Union and beyond its borders.

Today, our main trade line are the copper-conductor products.


– Electrical copper wire

– Copper wire for welding

– A current-carrying copper conductor

– Enamelled round copper wires of the following grades: ПЕТ -155 ПЕТ -180

– Enamelled round copper wires of the following grades: ПЕТД -180, ПЕТД -200

– Round copper wires with enamel insulation based on polyether of the following grades: ПЕТВ -1, 2- ПЕТВ

These products are produced at Ukrainian company Gal-Kat and corresponds to all European quality standards.

In addition, our company has a possibility to supply various types of equipment that is used for the production of copper and aluminum wires and conductors. Our partners are such well-known European companies as:

KGHM Polska Miedz (Poland), Continuus Properzi (Italy), Niehoff (Germany), Rautomead (Scotland),  Melteh (England), PWM (England), RHI (Austria), MAG (Austria), Eldan Recycling (Denmark), Eredi Scabini (Italy).

Our company is always open for cooperation with new partners on mutually beneficial terms.

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